What is Hand Therapy?

Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb. It is a merging of occupational therapy and physiotherapy theory and practice that combines comprehensive knowledge of the hand and upper limb and it's function. Using specialized skills in assessment and treatment hand therapists strive to prevent dysfunction, restore normal function and reverse pathology in order to enhance enjoyment of life and participation in meaningful activities.

Do I need a referral to see a Hand Therapist?

If you are a private patient, you do not need a referral to see a Hand Therapist. However, we do require a referral from a Doctor for patients receiving Hand Therapy under a Worker's Compensation Claim, Medicare Funded Enhanced Primary Care Program or Department of Veteran's Affairs.

My child has broken his / her arm. Can we get a cast made at Cairns Hand Clinic?

Yes! We can offer you an appointment on the same day and promptly fit your child with a comfortable, colourful, light weight and waterproof cast. We can also offer custom made, removable splints, removable EXOS casts and braces. Please call our team on 4031 8878 to find a suitable time.

I have a Worker's Compensation Claim. Do I need to pay for Hand Therapy?

There are no out of pocked costs for patients who have
- A referral for Hand Therapy from their treating Doctor (GP/ Specialist)
- A current Worker's Compensation Medical Certificate indicating that Hand Therapy treatment is required
- An approved, Worker's Compensation Claim with a recognised Insurance Provider such as WorkCover QLD

Before we can forward invoices for Hand Therapy treatment to your insurance company we require -
- Your Insurance Claim Number
- Your Insurance Company Business Name and contact details
- Your Case Manager's Name and contact details

I am going to have surgery soon. My Surgeon has booked my operation date and has also booked a Hand Therapy appointment after the operation. Why do I need to see a Hand Therapist so soon after my surgery?

Your Surgeon has recommended Hand Therapy to assist you in your recovery following surgery to your hand, wrist or elbow (known collectively as the Upper Limb). Our Hand Therapy team will help you in the early days following your surgery to protect the structures needing protection and move the structures needing movement. Your Hand Therapist will commence treatment with debulking your bandages, helping you to control your swelling and care appropriately for your wounds. Your Hand Therapist will also explain what you can and can not do with your operated hand and arm at each stage of your healing. You will provided with exercises to prevent stiffness in the uninvolved joints of your hand and arm. You can expect your Hand Therapist to be in close communication with your Surgeon throughout your recovery to ensure you regain movement, sensation and function of your Upper Limb in a safe and timely fashion.

I have had a burn injury to my leg - can you help me with my scar?

Yes! In addition to traditional hand therapy services, our team also offers therapy for scars including supply of scar therapy creams and dressings, scar massage and compression therapy using taping, garments and bandaging techniques. We are able to treat scars anywhere on the body including the arms, legs, face and trunk.


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